TTL Photo Pages
Through The Lens project. Photos and articles dedicated to photography.

Software Zone
Unix OS. Sources, binaries, docs, scripts and so on.
Symbian / EPOC
Things related to Symbian OS and Psion PDA.

Sdictionary Project
Cross-platform dictionary with own binary format. It doesn't require any 3rd party programs, you can work with dictionary files directly.


Заметки на Коленке
неПутевые записки обо всем и понемногу. Unix, фото, GIMP, советы, обзоры, ну и так далее...

Горизонты Техники Для Детей. Архив журнала в формате DjVu.

Indeed, unsorted things in both English and Russian languages.

If you have some questions or ideas here is my contact info.

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