Win32 installation notes

PTkSdict is known to work with Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP since version 0.7.2.

Installation notes:

  • You need win32 version of Perl, it was tested with ActivePerl
  • Install ActivePerl, unpack ptksdict-XX.tar.gz into some directory then add shortcut 'bin\sdict.bat' to your desktop. You also can use icon sdict.ico shipped with distribution.
    NB! Don't use directories which contain whitespace.
  • If you have Win9x or an old NT version, note that default Windows fonts contain no IPA glyphs, so if you are really need transcription, download and install 3rd party TTF font. Links available from IPA Unicode page. Configuration example could be found in etc\ptksdictrc-win file.

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