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Sdictionary is a cross-platform dictionary project uses own Sdict dictionary format. It includes Sdict, the main program and two simple applications: Jotter and Data. Unlike ptkdic or gtkdic no MySQL needed, so you can work with dictionary files directly. Currently it is known to work under UNIX, Win32 and Symbian OS.

Для тех, кто в танке, кликать сюда |-)


  • Cross-platform, works under UNIX, Win32/64 and Symbian EPOC OS
  • Open source, binary format (dct) is also open and described in documentation
  • Unicode, all words and articles are stored in UTF-8
  • Two index levels, short and full
  • Compression for dictionary articles
  • Tools to convert from text file to .dct and vice versa under both Win32 and UNIX
  • Simple Web Dictionary which is included into package
  • C library framework with simple command line application
  • Perl API (
  • Simple, but powerful Jotter and Data applications
  • Compiler which helps you to create own dictionaries
  • English Idiomatic Dictionary [png]
  • Japanese-English Kanji Dictionary [png]
  • UTF-8 demo [png]
  • Win32 [png]
  • Console dictionary from libsdict package [gif]
  • Symbian EPOC port [png]
  • Jotter application [png]
  • Data application [png]
  • Perl 5.8.x (tested with 5.8.5, ActivePerl 5.8.4 build 810/win32). ActivePerl includes two below modules.
  • Module Tk supported unicode (tested with 804.027);
  • Module Compress::Zlib in case of using compressed dictionaries
  • Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP or X Window System running with unicode fonts
  • Symbian port and libsdict don't need any extra stuff listed above




    Dictionary databases (feel free to contact me if you have an extra ones) :


    Viewers supporting Sdictionary file format
    • JaLingvo, Java dictionary
    • KTranslator, KDE application
    • SdiQt, crossplatform viewer (Qtopia/Qt/Tk), mainly for Sharp Zaurus. Written in Python
    • Sdict Viewer, viewer for Nokia 770 running Maemo, written in Python/GTK

    Other dictionary resources

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