GTK+/Perl/Tk Dictionaries

GTK+/Perl Tk Dictionary handles dictionaries stored in MySQL server.

Screenshots (Perl/Tk):

Screenshots (GTK+): Requirements:
  • MySQL server 3.22 or higher
  • MySQL client library - libmysqlclient
  • Perl running on your box
  • DBD::Mysql perl module (Perl/Tk version only)
  • Tk perl module (tested with Tk800.023) (Perl/Tk version only)
  • GTK+ 1.2.0 and higher, GTK2 is on the way, but not ready yet (GTK+ version only)


  • All dictionaries are stored in MySQL server, you can switch using different dictionaries and databases
  • Output with two different fonts, no need to use unicode storing dictionary databases. This makes possible to use European-Cyrillic dictionaries for example
  • Cyrillic auto detection, so gtkdic is smart enough to recognizes Cyrillic words and uses different font to display'em.
  • Search in word/articles, incremental search and other search modes
  • Word history which can be retrieved by mouse or using key shortcuts
  • You can add new articles to dictionaries
  • Command line utility which can be used in key shortcuts for example to pop-up the gtkdic
  • Nice printing via LaTeX supporting mixed European-Cyrillic characters
  • Support using xclipboard buffer
  • File open/save operations
  • Small Web based dictionary as a part of package


gtkdic-0.5.5.tar.gz GTK+ version, latest (sources tarball)
gtkdic-0.5.5-1-linux-static.tar.gz GTK+ version, latest (Linux, statically compiled)
gtkdic-0.5.5-1_rh70.src.rpm GTK+ version (source rpm)
gtkdic-0.5.5-1_rh70.i386.rpm GTK+ version (rpm); common files
gtkdic-servutil-0.5.5-1_rh70.i386.rpm GTK+ version (rpm); scripts for management dic database (rpm)
gtkdic-simple-0.5.5-1_rh70.i386.rpm GTK+ version (rpm); simple version (no edit; no audio support)
gtkdic-audio-0.5.5-1_rh70.i386.rpm GTK+ version (rpm); with audio support
gtkdic-audio_edit-0.5.5-1_rh70.i386.rpm GTK+ version (rpm); with support audio and edit databases
ptkdic-0.33.tar.gz Perl/Tk version
Dictionary databases are available:


  • See README inside distribution files
  • General Public License
  • Sdictionary, a new incarnation of GtkDictionary
  • TranSQL dictionary for win32 with MySQL backend
  • phpMyLingvo PHP dictionary with MySQL backend
  • JaLingvo Java dictionary with MySQL backend
  • Dictionary converters and some stuff can be found here
  • Always free to contact me if you have some usefull dictionary databases. Any constructive feedback is welcome.

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