Bug with Djbz chunks was fixed in file parser. Fixes with included
	chunks. B/W IW44 renderer was fixed .Start page was added in file
	open dialog.

        Color IW44 and JB2 renderers were implemented (yet still
        experimental). Save to MBM format. Charset conversion
        was added when saving page as text. A lot of bugfixes.

        PCRE search and save as text were added. Bug in JB2 renderer was
        fixed. Search cleanups. UI changes.

	File history was implemented. New rendering options. Bugfixes and
	cleanups were made. 

	Wavelet renderer was added. New directory parser. Search was
	implemented. GUI changes. Cleanups were made as well as a number
	of bugs were fixed. 

        More verbose page information, zoom, a few bugs were fixed as well
        as some cleanups were made.

	Initial version. Single and multi-page DjVu files are
	supported. The only JB2 layer is used for rendering.